Parenthood & Well-Being

Parenthood & Well-Being

Parenthood & Well-Being – For years, scholarly and media accounts painted a dismal picture of parenting.

My work, however, suggests that happiness and parenthood can indeed coexist, but also that the link between parenthood and well-being is incredibly complex.

Do mothers and fathers–young and old, single and married, rich and poor–share similar parenting experiences?

How and why do their differences relate to their well-being? 

I propose that parenthood is associated with greater well-being to the extent that it provides opportunities to pursue meaningful goals and enhanced life purpose, greater fulfillment of human needs, more positive emotions, and enhanced social roles.

By contrast, I propose that parenthood is associated with lower well-being when it leads to subsequently greater negative emotions, financial stress, sleep disturbance and fatigue, and strained partner relationships. 

Selected Publications: 

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